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The ideas must never stop

Once again I’ve been getting more ideas for the past year that I want to post online. Going with a theme like the catalyst series the main characters are my 48 heroes are the leading characters of the stories. I am calling the series the immortal warriors because in each of the stories my 48 heroes are deathless from my eternal conflict idea. In each of these ideas my 48 evil one or as they are called in these stories the immortal slayers are casuing the problem in the stories and my 48 heroes must team up with the heroes of those stories to stop them. These stories are mature reads.     


0.Riders of the storm-An action series inspired by Kamen rider by the Toei company-This story begins the superhero world of my ocs the immortal warriors who have been safeguarding humanity for centries and became their world’s first superheroes and set the standards that the worlds heroes live by. But on they are attacked by monsters they have never encountered before. While investagin they meet with a group of super heroes from another universe. The ledagdary Kamen riders. They tell the immortal warriors that their enemies the organization Dai-shocker is working with the immortal slayers, the i.w. world’s greatest villains. Now they plan to launch an invasion all across the multiverse and conquer it. To stop them the immortal warriors team up with the riders and chase after Dai-shocker. Along the way, they will get new allies.      

1. Chaos descends-This is a very different story then my previous ones, I guess you can an AU story. This story takes place in a redesigned version of the world of the Rifts rpg by palladium books. For those who don’t know what rifts is I’ll make a brief expiation of the series. The game is set in the far future when humanity had achieved high levels of technology, but fallowing a nuclear war the millions of slain people released a huge wave of psychic energy that altered the earth and awoke humanity’s abilities of magic and psychic powers. But then ley lines of energy appred on the earth and portals or rifts from the muiltuveres-or megaverse as they call it in the game-appeared and coming out of them were aliens and mythical creatures. Three hundred years later the world has become a post-apcolotpic world where humans fight to survive. In this Au the immortal warriors have been living on earth or rifts earth trying to help humanity the best they can. But know a new problem has arisen. The immortal slayers have master control over the rifts and are gathering the worst evils from the megaverse. To counter this attack, the immortal warriors now travel rifts earth to find the strongest and purist warriors to stop them.         


2.Stormbringer-Much like my chaos descends story this idea is an Au of another role playing game I found that interest me. There is a game called Part time gods by Third eye games. In the world of the game Long ago a being called the source appeared to earlier man. This being of great power had the power to turn men and women into gods by giving them pieces of its power called sparks. For centuries the gods and the source ruled together in peace but then the gods conspired to rebel against the source and take the world for their own. So the gods sealed the source away but at a great cost. The gods discovered that by sealing the source away they lost their immortality and they can only live for a few hundred years. This cased the god wars that destroyed a good number of the gods. To make matters worse in the sources anger bits of sparks escaped the sources prision and would hit animals and turn them into monsters of myth, named by the gods these creatures are called outsiders. Going into the modern period gods now live balancing their lives of divine power and pretending to live as a normal human. Most gods now have control over small territories then vast nations and often work with other gods to defend their homes and loved ones. Most gods belong to orders called theologies that governs how they use their divine powers Not only do they have to deal with the outsiders, but also the descents of the gods who have inhited a bit of their powers. If that was not trouble enough. Sparks that escape the source’s prison can trun random people into gods and not everyone is worthy of such power. In the game there was an event called the coming storm in which the source was attempting to escape it prison. In this AU of the game the coming storm was prevented and the world went into relevant peace. In this AU world the immortal warriors exist. They are still deathless and where created by the primordial gods and after the source appered they offered a hand to help it and the gods rule. After the god wars the immortal warriors decided to help humanity and godkind the best they could. Being gods themselves they had their own territories and followers. But then they had discovered by the immortal slayers who had become gods calling themselves the storm bringers who were gathering evil gods and outsiders to start another gods war and another coming storm. To stop them the immortal warriors now gather just gods to prevent the worlds destruction. 

3. Reflections in blood-A action/horror series inspired by Parasite eve by Sqaure enix and Lady devilman by Go Nagai-Once this world was a normal world. Same socity as ours, same people going about their lives. No knowing that a war was being fought in the shadows. But that all changed when one of the immortal slayers appeared and with a wave of his hand people began to turn into monsters under his control. Within minutes the city was over ran with monsters that were once people and they were killing people left and right. But then something else happen, people began to display powers that they had not had before until today. While these superhumans tried to fight off the monsters the immortal warriors appered and led their own trope of super humans with them. Altoguh they fought hard the city was compalty overran so the warriors had to get the new superhumans and as much people as possible out of the city. The warriors then told them that the monsters and the super-humans draw power from the same source. In every human being is the soul gene. A mystuoes gen that went activated recats to a persons soul and grants them power. If a person is just and kind they become purebloods will receive super-powers. But if they are filled with evil they will turn into monsters called black-bloods. Eons ago the slayers found a way to mentally awaken some ones soul gene. They also put on a metal suggestion to control that person but only if they turn into a blackblood. To stop them the warriors founded an order filled with purebloods to fight them. But now for some unexplained reason the slayers are lauching an all out attack and awaking people genes at random to create a blackblood army even at the risk of creating purebloods that could fight them. After the last accack the slayers kept attacking city after city and over weraliming it with blackbloods that they would have to abodon the citites. Now all over the world citites have become nest to the blackbloods. Six years have past and the warriors have trained the purbloods born in those cities and now fight to take back the lost cities and defeat the slayers.          

4. Deystroyers-A action/post apocalypse series inspired by System failure by Palladuim books-This world was very once on the edge of world peace and scientific advanemnet. But that was all ruined by an invasion of extra dimsional beings called the Ravagers. These creatures are immortal nomadic pillagers who have been attacking world after world for eons. Now being led by the immortal slayers they have come to earth. The immortal warriors who have been fighting the ravagers for millina have decided to finish it here. But there is one problem. They are no longer getting support from the rest of the deathless race and know its just them. Knowing they won’t be able to beat them alone they pull a risky move. Taking the blood of slain Ravagers they injected them into willing humans, giving them their powers and turning them into super-powerful beings called destroyers. It has now been ten years since the ravagers invaded and the world has fallen into a chaotic lawless state. Now the heroes must band together to finally win back their world.              


5. The tower-An action/drama series inspired by Kill la kill by Trigger-Long ago humanity was very close to achieving perfection. A world without war, dsieasuse, and poverty. But while that was happening the immortal warriors and the immortal tyrants were fighting to determine what to do with mankind, help them achieve perfection or destroy them. After centuries of fighting it came to one final battle, and the immortal warriors lost. But instead of killing all of humanity the slayers decided to further humiliate the warriors and prove them wrong. The slayers first invaded earth and slaughtered most humans until only a single billion remained. They then destroyed most of the world until it was a barren desert. They then created a massive tower city to house all of humanity and made themselves the new rulers of humanity. They then emplaced a sigle rule, the strong rule in this city. The tower is dived into several sections each one reflecting class from dirt poor to millionaires. The only way to advance to another level is to fight and defeat another person until they earn enough points to advance to the next level.  Thousands of years have past and humanity has becomed a darker relfction of its past. People fighting and killing each other to advance farther up the tower. All that time the Immortal warriors have been training to deystory the tower. They have decided to beat the slayers at their own game and climb up the ranks and fight the tyrants for the throne. Helping them are the very few humans who have not surcome to their greed and want to shut down the towers system.

6. Heirs of Solomon-A fantasy/horror series inspired by The order by Ready at dawn-Eons ago The deathless were at war with what we call monsters-vampires-werewolves, demons, and other such creatures. In this world monsters are an offshoot race of the deathless. Tired of felling inferior the monsters-referred to as the deviated they sout to conquer the etranal realm. During the course of the war a powerful deathless named Solomon (Not my main character oc Solomon but another) created an powerful prison called the mine and used it to capture and contain the deviated and ended the war. Years later the gods created humans and the slayers killed Solomon and destroyed the mine and let out all of the deviated. Their plan was to start the war again but they needed to grow stronger and replsih their numbers. So they went to earth to feed off the humans and sire more of their kind. The warriors deiced to stop them. At first they tried to fight them alone but were greatly outnumbered. But they then found out that one of the reaming pieces of the mine had an unlimited amount of fuel and that whenever a human drank it they would gain super powers and become immortal. The warriors then deiced to found the order of the heirs of Solomon and train humans to fight the monsters.             

7. Torchbearers-A action story inspired by The yakusa series by Sega and Gurran Lagann by Gainax-In this world all humans have super human abilities that comes from an energy all humans possess called the torch. At one point in the past humans were regarded as the most powerful race in the universe. But that all changed when the immortal slayers appered. In this world the deathless have their powers do not come from the eternity force, but their own energy that is similar to the torch called the eternal flame. They formed a whole army with other alien and extra dimensional beings that each had their own version of the torch. Together they conquered humanity and became the rulers of earth and made them their salves. For centuries the Immortal slayers have ruled over the other races and the humans. All humans are treated very poorly and live in very run down cities controlled by the other races. But the slayers do allow some humans to join them in ruling if they bretray their fellow humans and cast aside their humanity. They have a mystic artifact called the black chalice. This artifact contains the powerful and evil black flame, another version of the torch and whenever a human takes their flame into their bodies, they become inhuman creatures. For years many torchbearers tried to make many restiacne movements against their oppressors but always failed. But that changed when the immortal warriors appered. They went from city to city freeing the captured ressctiacne and helped them free their citites. Now the restitacne have united and march to light the torch of humanity’s freedom.  


8. Recreation-A action series inspired by shin megami tenshi by Atlus-In this world only several years ago the world that was once normal was wildly changed and all of humanity was forced into an enxecaple battle. It started with the immortal slayers who preformed a ritual that turned the world into a nightmarish version of itself and summoned powerful beings called the crafters. The purpose of this ritual is to start the game called recreation. When this game starts it pushes the world its started on into a state of chaos and when the game starts if someone preforms a ritual that can summon a crafter- an anchint beings who helped the gods create the universe. They can then form a pact to merge with the crafter and gain powers. When this happens crafters must fight each other and when a crafter wins he or she is given the power to recreate the world as however they see fit. Because of this many greedy epoel join the game to make the world however they want and many join the game to stop them and make the world how it was before but also improve it. Of course the slayers started the game so they can win and uncreate the world. Of course the immortal warriors will not stand for this and join the game to stop them and possible bring the wolrd to perfection. Only a few years later and many warriors have risian to the top of the game and the final part is coming. Now the warriors gather thos they can trust to help them win the game and save their world.                

9. The wishing war-An action series inspired by the super smash series-In this universe the deathless’s most popular compoation is the wishing war, a fighting tormanment that whoever wins is granted a no strings attached wish. It is by tradtion that each deathless competator travel the multiverse and gather warriors for their team, of course if they win every member is granted a wish. For the immortal warriors they don’t compate very much, but when they do they usually use their wishes to advance humanity’s progress towards perfection. But now it diffeant. The immortal destroyers have decided that they will win the tournament and eradicate humanity. To prevent this the warriors have recruited the strongest and puriest warriors to help them win. With wishes as their payment the warriors team fight with all their might.     

10. Love is power-A romance/action series-In the far future humanity was still at it. Fight and killing for stupid reasons. Until one day all of humanity started to develop  powers. Of course humanity did try to use these powers in their battles, but they then discovered that when people fell in love with eacth other their powers grew even stronger. Over time all the fighting stopped and all of humanity began to realize that love was more important. When all the wars ended humanity then began to focus on achievements like art, science, and life. After a few centuries the world became an utopian society. Although there was still crime there was never any more wars. As for humanity’s super powers they decided to call them the union powers. Some people still fall in love like normal but then there are the marked. People who are born with the name of their soulmate on their bodies. When these soulamtes meet each other their union powers become way more powerful then normal. Although there are no wars in this world there is still one major threat. Monsters called the loveless. These creatures who were once human but were corrupted by something affectin their powers. The most common loveless are created when someone’s loved dies. This person is filled with such intesnce emotion their union powers become corrupted and turns them into monsters. When they transform they fell only one emotion, usually rage or sorrow. They then attack couples with strong bonds and try to kill one of them to absorb the emotions of the slain person’s love one. This casues the still living person to become another loveless. There are other kinds of loveless that go after other kinds of bonds like the one between friends or family. Because of the violent nature of the loveless and how it is near impossible to cure them the world has deemed these creatures a threat to love and must be destroyed on sight. Centires later this has become the norm, but then people have began to notice an increase of loveless. The reason is the immortal deystroyers. In an effort to deystroy humanity they have united the loveless. Now the immortal warriors have gathered the strongest fighters with the strongest bonds to stop their reign of destruction.                


11. Sanctuary-A fantasy/drama series inspired by Vampire knight Requiem by Heavy metal magazine and Over the garden wall by Cartoon Network-In this world it your average mundane society. People go on about their daily lives. They are all completely oblivious that a war is going on right now that been going on for centuries and will affect their future. There is a place. A magical place, that just by being there you gain powers and become immortal. But you can only get if you die. When people die they to either heaven or hell depending on their virtue or vice. Sometimes they walk the wheel of resurrection and live another life. Sometimes they go to Sanctuary. No one knows what this place is. It’s not heaven or hell, it is it’s own world. Many believe it is a world created from humanity’s memoeires that became real and became a self aware dimension that gathers souls on their way to the afterlife. Whenever someone enters Sanctuary it gives the soul a new flesh and blood body just like the one they had when they died, but then it changes it to match the amount of virtue or sin they acummatied when they were alive. A virtuioes person could have a new body like a god or semi devine being, an evil person can become a monster or a demon. These people then gain superhuman powers. What happens when they get there is up to them. Although Sacturary pulled them in it does not control them, it just lets its inhabits do what they want. Some live in peace or if they want to they can move on. People in this world can still die and when they do they can go to either heaven or hell like they were supposed to, or they walk the wheel again and return to earth in a new life. But like I said, there is a war going on. The deathless exist in this world too. Long ago the immortal warriors and destroyers were fighting each other to decide the fate of humanity, but in the end they killed each other and the rest of the deathless left humanity to its own devices. By some twist of fate the warriors and the deystroyers landed in Sanctuary and the destroyers wanted to use its power to invade earth and destroy humanity. The warriors would not allow this as they wanted it to help humanity achieve perfection. This started a war that has lasted for centuries and both the warriors and the destroyers have built armies for their cause. Now it seems that that war will soon end. For all of the warriors most powerful fighters have returned to sanctuary. Now the I.W. will end this war and bring perfection to earth.   


     12. Living killing machine-A scifi/ post apocalypse-Long ago humanity had achived peace with the help of a world-wide computer network that would mantiane all of humanity’s needs. This powerful network was controlled by the self-aware program Miara. Alhtough she was not human she was so self-aware you could call her human. She was very kind and cared for all of humanity, but was not afired to inflict justice on evil doers. For almost a thousand years, humanity knew peace. That all changed when the immortal tyrants attacked. They broke into Maira’s core system and compalty deystroyed her ai and then uploaded an AI of their own. This AI was called Revida. She too was a program that was self-aware but being created by deathless, her evolution as a self-aware AI has progressed so far that her AI is more like a soul. Centires ago the Tyrants created her and she in turn created more super self-aware programs and then tried to take over the Enteral realm but was defeated.  But the yrents broke her free and know intend to deystroy the humanity. Using all of the world resoures she used genetic engineering to create super powerful bodies that her programs could download and polit. These programs and their powerful bodies then called themselves the marauders and began a blitz to destroy all humans. Thankfully the Immortal warriors had come to stop them but dispite their power they were unprepared for the vast number of the marauders and the world was cast into a lawless world. Knowing they could not win alone the warriors gave humanity some of their advance gentic technology. By using genetic manipulation sciantisnt could transform soilders into super-human warriors called hyper-soldiers. A few hundrand years later most of humanity know live in fortress cities around the world all led by powerful hyper-soldiers. Now the warriors are gathering all of the powerful cities and thier hyper soilders to finish the war once and for all. 


13. Henshin heroes-An action series inspired by Kamen rider and other similar works by the Toai Company and the wonderful 101 by Nintendo-In the early Nineteen sevientes humanity was under siege by a race composing of many creatures but all of them went under the same name-Kaijin. Powerful creatures that come from multiple sources. Some are aliens wanting to concer the earth, some are demons wanting to deystroy the creations of the gods, some were ogianly human who casted their humanity aside and became monsters threw supernal or scientific means in order to conquer the world. Without any means to fight back the immortal warriors came to earth to defend humanity. Years later they nearly died from all the constant fighting. They decied that they needed help and turn to humanity. To help humanity fight the kaijins, the warriors then began to build weapons for that would allow the humans to fight one on one with the kaijin. By using advance tech or powerful magic the heroes created suits of armor or wepaons that a user could summon at a moment’s notice. With this the warriors created the Henshin heroes, elite warriors trained to fight the kaijin. Hundreades of years have passed and both the kaijin and the heores have grow in number and power. But now the immortal tyreants have appered and united all of the kaijin and are prepared to lauch an all-out war against humanity. The warriors have made the same taichine and fromed an elite army with their strongest heroes.   


      14. The madness war-A fantasy/horror series inspired by Darkest dungeon by Red hook games and The Marquis by Guy davis-Long ago when the gods created humanity the immortal Rampagers were quick to act to try and destroy them. They united with a race of ancient demons called the primordial ones and attacked. The immortal warriors moved swiftly and fought the rampagers and their demonic allies. In the end the warriors sealed all of the primordial ones and the rampagers into a crypt that lead to another dimension where they would remain trapped there for all of eternity. Grateful for saving them, humanity made the warriors their kings and queens. Although reluctant to rule over humans, the warriors saw this as an opportunity to teach humanity perfection. Thousands of years later, a single man grew tired of being under the rule of immortals and believed that the legends of the warriors was a myth the warriors made up to take control. This led to a rebellion and the man went out to find the crypt and open it to disprove the legend. Although the warriors and their allies tried to stop him, the rebel leader opened the crypt and the rampagers and the primordial ones louse. Noe the warriors must unite their kingdom and fight the oldest enemies of humanity.          


     15. Wrath of the powerless-A dark fantasy series-Long ago humanity was plagued by monsters and demons. Tired of humanity’s suffering the immortal warriors went to earth to help them, but found the job to large to handle alone. So the warriors turned to the gods for aid. The gods took the deathless source of power the eternity force and refined it into several energies and gave them to groups of humanity and granted them powers. After a long bloody war humanity had defeated the monsters, but pride and paranoia divide humanity. Humanity splintered itself into kingdoms that became the homes for humans that shared a specific type of energy and power. For cenitres these kingdoms of energy fought each other while the warriors, disgusted by what humans have done but not willing to abandon them founded their own kingdom on earth and made a vow not to get involved in humanity’s wars, but focus on emileting the reaming monsters. Thousands of years later it was reviled that there was a cnocpsericy behind almost all of the wars humanity had fought against each other. They were actually casued by a sub-race of the deathless called the powerless. These beings are not born with eternity force and must find other methods to be immortal and gian powers. Some worship technology and turn themselves into cyborgs, some worship nature and use parasites to make themselves immortal, some worship magic and use rituals to create crystals that they consume to become immortal. Angered that humanity had abused the gift the deathless gave them they made it there life to deystory humanity and are now tired of doing it covertly and now plan to make war with humanity while being lead by the immortal alianlators. Now the warriors must once again led humanity despite their constant in-fighting to save them.  


      16. The gathering-A action series inspired by Convergence by DC comics-In this world Humanity was close to acvinvg perfection and the deathless were waiting for the right moment to step in and help them. While this was happing the most powerful warriors of the deathless the immortal warriors had noticed something about another group of warriors the immortal slayers the most destructive warriors of the deathless had found a peculiar hobby. They were using advance technology to view warriors from across the multiverse for reasons they would not say. Suspecting something the warriors investigated and found that the slayers were planning to preform a experiment involving the warriors they have been observing  that would led to the mass killing of all of humanity. When the warriors found out it was too late to stop them. The slayers had gone to the uncharted lands of the entranal plain and using very powerful reality wrapping technology they had moved whole worlds from their universes and super condisdeced them into huge cites and placed them in the uncreated lands. The slayers know that they alone can oppose the warriors and the rest of the deathless so they plan to recut warriors from around the multiverse to help them fight. But they could not find which universe of warriors would aid them the best. So they decided to host the gathering-a killing tournament to find out what universes has the strongest warriors. They would force the warriors of each world to fight each other otherwise they would destroy their worlds and kill everyone within them. Thanks to some meddling from the warriors they found a way to get into the tournament and form an alliance with several worlds to help them. While they help the worlds survive, they try to find the base of the salyers and shut down the gathering.


      17. Plaugepunk-A steampunk/horror series inspired by Bloodborn by FromSoftwear and Toyko ghoul by Shi Ishida-Eons ago humanity was only created a few thousand years ago and while the deathless were just going to wait until the time was right to lead humanity to perfection, the immortal slayers however thought they should teach them right away. After convincing the council the slayers and the immortal warriors went to earth to began teaching humanity perfection. The slayers introduced humanity to a powerful fuel source called Prototmite, and with this fuel source humanity had advance in technology at an alarming rate. But after a few hundred years that all changed. All over the world people began to change into horrible monsters. The source was an infection and what scared the warriors the most was that they reconized the monsters, they are monsters called Plaugebeast and they had foght them before. Eons ago the deathless fought the old bloods after some deathless were mutated after being exposed to the blood of old, the blood of evil elder gods the gods fought at the dawn of creation. Although the deathless defeated the old blood and built up an immunity to the infection, humans were not so lucky. The warriors then relized that the protomite was actually made from old blood, the slayers only brought to earth to drive the humans into chaos. After wards the slayers disappeared. Now realizing that humans had become so dependent on the blood of old as their fuel the only thing they could do is kill the old bloods and try to find a cure. The old blood are mosteroues creatures with terrible powers and need to eat souls or blood or flesh to live. After another hundred years of fighting the old bloods and trying to find a cure without any luck something else appeared. Humans who had gain powers from the infection but kept their humanity. Seeing that humans have begun to adapt to the infection they trained these humans and created the new blood hunters. So after another hundred years the warriors and the now strongest generation of new blood hunters are ready to destroy the rest of the old bloods and end the plague.


18. The golden future-A sci-fi action series inspired by Jack Kirby and DC comics’s Forth world-Long ago humanity was on the very verge of anilonation. Disuese was rampant, the econmnoy was on the veruge of collapse, and every counity in the world was at war. It was here that all of the world leaders saw that humanity no longer had a future, so they all decided that they would all go out in one final war. They lied to their countries and instagied on huge war. But just when it was about to happen, the immortal warriors would not allow this. The deathless saw all that was happening to humanity and decied that they would not be able to achive perfection so they deideced to let them wipe themselves out. But the warrirors felt that there potichal would be wasted and decied that if humans could not find the path to perfection, they would have to show them the path. The warriors-just the 48 of them-lacthed their own attack on humanity, but instead of killing the soilders, they went straight for their wepaons and deystroyed them all. Tanks, guns, grandes, advance power armor and mecha then every knife and even every large rock. Final the warriors destroyed humanity’s nuclear arsenal and bio-weapons. Soon everything that allowed humans to make war was gone and the warriors then told humanity that they would allow them to have their weapons when there are ready to use them properlay and with that the warriors began to teach perfection. Years passed and thanks to the warriors humanity was able to create a new fuel source called Transdiom and using this fuel they created powerful new technology and soon after they devolped machines that could genetically alter humaninty’s DNA to unlock their full power. Thanks to that machine humans had gained both superhuman powers and immortality. Felling that their work was done the warriors planned to leave but humanity convinced them to stay and be their leaders. Many centires passed and humanity finally had a place in the universe ans a peaceful and powerful race. They had gian a vast amont of perfection but was  not quite ther yet. It was here that the immortal salyers decied to put a stop to this. They were agered at the false immortals humanity had become and sot to deystroy them. They alliged themselves with several races that were the oldest enemies of the deathless and lached a campaign to deystroy them. Now the warriors must led the perfected humans to war and prove their worth in all of existacne.     


19. Voice piece-A fantasy/horror inspred by Uber by Avatar comics and The red star by Archangel stuidos-Long ago during the age of creation humanity was under attack by a powerful monster called the voice of the end. This creature was so powerful the gods had to step in and fight it. But dispite killing it and removing its soul the creature had so much rage it kept moving so the gods had to lock it up. After wards the gods realized that humanity was to valuable to be left on it own so each god or patron of gods made their own cites for their people and had their demigod children led these kingdoms as the gods voice-piece. The deathless have their own kingdom as well and it is led by the immortal warriors who are also demigods. Eons later there is relative peace between the kingdoms but that changed when the kingodms of evil gods join forces with a kingdom led by the immortal slayers and declared war on all of humanity. If that was not propble enough the slayers broke the voice of the end out and ofund a way to control it. The voice of the end’s blood is higly toxic and anyone who touches it becomes horrible monsters that fall under control of the slayers. Now the warriors msut unite the kingdoms of the just gods to fight the slayers and deystroy the voice of the end.     


20. The true ones-A action/suspense series inspired by Nightbane by Palladium books-In the course of a few days the whole world changed. All over the world strange pheromones were occurring, some parts of the world were trapped in unending storms and freak weather. But that was not the strangest of all. Some people all over the world were changing. Some found that they could transform into creatrues. Some had the apperacne of gods or spirtchal beings. Some found that they could turn into monster or demonic like beings. Some found that can change only a little but keep their overall form. Some had devolved superhuman powers. That wasn’t the only things they found. These people found that they were being attack by bizarre creatures with the full intent to kill. While trying to defend themselves and their loved ones from the monsters with their new powers they were suddenly assisted by more people with the same powers and leading them were the immortal warriors. They revealed that the powers they were exhibiting were that of humanity’s natural defeasances, the power of their true forms, the trues ones. Humanity has had this power ever since they were created but only awakes at random times. However ever since the early days of humanity earth has been constaly invaded by the creatures called the over-masters, a race that also had the true one powers but pushed their powers to far and became evil creatures and now plan to invade earth and leading them are the immortal slayers. The warriors founded a secret order coasting of true ones to fight back. But now the war has changed. The over-masters are casuing the stroms and that is the sign of their final assault and that is awaking the true one powers of people all over the world. After the warriors gathered the strogeswt of the newly awken true ones they lauched a despite attack to try and kill the slayers but it was a failure. While the warriors and the new trues healed their wounds the over-masters stealaly took over all of the worlds’s governments and now plan to drive humanity into chaos. It has been ten years since then and the warriors and the now more expericaned true ones have been fighting the evil of the over-masters and know plan to end it once and for all.           




21. Seas of anarchy-A fantasy/steampunck series inspired by One piece by Eiichiro Oda-In a world that was mostly ocean there live thousands of island nations that knew of each other exiscante but did not have the means to interact with each other as the sea was very fierce and filled monsters and dispite the fact that the people of this world had powers they lack the technology to traverse the sea. That all changed one day when the immortal slayers appered and offered them aid. Giving the advance fuel source Olyptiom and developed advance technology, the most useful being powerful and speedy ships that could travel the whole sea and was eqept to stand up to the hearsh sea and its monsters. In a few short years the slayers had united all of humanity and for that they made the slayers their kings. Calling themselves the high regents they founded the royal military to act as their enforcers. It was only a few years that it became apparent that all the good the slayers did only a ruse. They began to abuse their power and allow corruption in the military to fester. As humanity began to suffer their evils some of them decide that they won’t be slaves to their evil or to anyone else. Thus began the age of anarchy. Those who reject the authority of the empire are labeled anarchist and they fall into several categories the most common are the true pirates, free roaming pillagers who attack both military and civilians for gold and blood. Then there are the rejecters terrorist that reject any authority and want to destroy it no matter who gets in their way. Then there are the upsurges high ranking soilgers in the military who are tired of being controlled by immortals and want their powers so they start their own army to attpemt to take over the empire. These groups reperent the dark half of the anarchist element they only want profit or their own goals and all willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. But then there are the anarchist who regret the corrupt rule of the empire but are not willing to harm the innocent and are only willing to fight the empire and the evil anarchist. There are the rouge pirates, pirtates who want true freedom but are willing to protect others. Then there are the resistance, rebels who only want to over throw the regents and give power to the people. Finally there are the proto-military, like the unsugars they are former soilgers of the military but they do not want power they want to perform their true duty-protect the weak and punish the guilty. But seeing that their own organization is corrupt they must destroy it so they start their own army to shut them down. For every group of anarchist  every single one of them is led by a captain and every time the captian leads his or hers crew and defates either a anarchist group or a military unit or does any other action that defies the empire a bounty is placed on them and should that bounty go up high enough the anarchist is realized as an anarchist elite-pirates are called pirate kings, rebels are called warlords, and proto-military captains are called proto-commanders. During this age the immortal warriors stepped and and became anarchist only thanks to their immortality and overwelaiming power they survived longer then any  anarchist group and gained  bounties higher then any anarchist elite and became the first sea kings and queens the hightest rank a anarchist can achieve. Hundreads of years have passed and the warriors decied it was enough. They travled the sea suriging for noble anarchist and formed the largest alliance of anarchist the world has ever seen. They have one goal, destroy all the evil  anarchist and overthrow the slayers. 


      22. The Throne war-A fansaty series-In this world there is a large empire that is compsoieded of many other kingdoms. The leader of this kingdom changes very often sometimes its one man or woman, sometimes it’s a council. Whenever the currant ruler dies all of the kingdoms hold a massive combat tournament called the throne war. Every kingdom participates and has it strongest warriors and sometimes even its rulers to reprerant there kingdom. These wars are often bloody and brutal and the length between them often changes depeding on the strgth of the ruler. The state of the land often changes with each winner of the game. A just ruler makes the land a peaceful utiopa but the more cruel kingdoms often attack the ruler to latch another throne war. If an evil ruler takes the thonre the land becomes a dark and harsh place and the just kingdoms fight agiasnt him to lach another throne war. Its been a repeating cycle for eons now, but when the next Throne war starts all of the kingdoms reperantitives are surprised to see the immortal warriors. The deathless have their own kingdom but have never participated in the other games. They only assist in the dethroning of any evil rulers or the protection of just ones. But they have they have decied to play this for two reasons, they have grown tired of the consatn fighting and have deiced to take the throne and ensure another war never occurs. The second reason-The immortal slayers have their own kingdom and want to drive the world into etraneal darkness and evil. Building an alliance of just kingdoms the warriors fight to ensure humanity’s peace.


23. Champions of the balance-A fantasy horror series inspired by Noctum by flaming cobra games and most works of Michael Morecock-Welcome to the world of the far future. Advance tech, fanatic inventions, political freedom in every country-and rampate incurable diseases, very poor living conditions, war and violence in almost every country in the world. Yes it is clear that the world has become a dystopian future and that might tip the balance of humanity existence into oblivion. There has been a war since the beginning of time. But before time there existed the balance, the balance between the primordial forces of law and chaos. There must always be a balance. Compete chaos means total anarchy and destruction but complete law means no freedoms, no advancement. These powers exist and keep the universe in balance. But there are those who can take these primordial force and forge powerful weapons from them. In this universe the deathless can. Long ago while the gods where creating humanity a cult of law and chaos worshiper deathless sought to create a monument to pay tribute to both forces. They tried to forge it by combing the energies of law and chaos, such a thing is possible but can only by those who know how to. They didn’t. When they did they created a giant object called the spire. This object absorbed the negative emotions of the deathless and unleashed a dark energies that transformed those touched by it into monsters. These monsters were driven to devour souls and grow stronger and launched war on the deathless. The deathless tried to fight back but found that none of their attacks could affect the monsters they now called the terrors. But it was discovered that the weapons of law and chaos could harm them and even kill them. Soon the deathless were able to destroy the terrors and the spire. But for the immortal slayers they found just the thing they were looking for to deystory humanity. Using the same methods as the cults the saleyers created their own object and made a fortress and called it the spiral. Like the spire did the spiral absorbed the negative emotions of humans and created dark energy and terrors that the slayers could control. Knowing that humans won’t be able to fight off the terrors alone the immortal warriors went to earth and founded the champions of the balance order and trained humans to use the weapons of law and chaos to fight the terrors. But now the world has plunged into a dystopia and the dark energy is increasing tenfold. Now the warriors and the order most powerful champions must hunt down the spiral and destroy it once and for all. 


            24. The glory war-A fantasy series inspired by Fables by DC comics and starlight by Mark Millar-In this world of magic and kings all humans are immortal, this power comes from the glory factor, the more famous a person the stronger their immortality and power becomes. In this world the most famous of heroes are the most powerful. Long ago a fierce warlord sought to conquer the world. Although all of the world greatest heroes joined to fight him they still had some trouble. Thankful the immortal warriors came to aid them. The deathless have their own form of the glory factor called the eternal glory and it is much more powerful. With their help the warlord was defeated. The warriors then returned to the eternal plain beliving that humans did not need to be taught perfection, they already had it. Thousands of years later the warriors have gotten married and had children who have become powerful warriors by their own right. But one day a human entered the eternal realm seeking the warriors. This human was one of the children of humanity’s heroes and he was sent by his parents to find the warriors.  The warlords army has been reassembled by the immortal slayers and started a whole new war and were losing badly. With their children fallowing them into battle the warriors rerutrred to earth and once again fight to save humanity. 
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