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Excited Blush Hello once again Deviants as you might expect I am here to tell you I have gotten new ideas for more stories. But before I get to that I want to tell you that I’ve made a decision. For the past year now I was working on a MLP FIM story. But I have lost interest in working on it. It’s not that I don’t want to work on it, I had a lot of interesting Ideas, It’s just that I’ve been losing Interest of MLP. Granted I will still include the MLP charthers in my stories, But I am now putting My MLP story on hiatus. I may work on it more or I may not, we’ll see. As for my new stories I am calling them the catalyst series. There are 24 separate stories that include all my favorite charters and all of my own created 24 heroes and heroines. I call the series ‘catalyst’ because my heroes are what fuels the story. Also appring in all the stoires are my ideas of the perfect villians, whom I call the 48 evil ones or the dark catalyst. They are the main antagonist for my hero and heroine stories. Since they have not appered in in them yet, I will not reveal their effect on those stories yet.  While I am working on these stories I will still be working on my other 24 hero and 24 heroine stories at the same time. Like my other stories they will be for mature audiences.    


    1.     Touchstones-A action/drama series-This world is one of superheroes and villians and their constant battles. Before the story started the 24 heroes and heroines were low ranked heroes who knew nothing of each other. But that all changed when each of them came in contact with a mysterious organization looking for relics of a forgotten civilization. To the hero and heroines surprise, the relics were actually powerful weapons that only they could activate. It was later reviled that each of the 24 hero and heroines are actually blood decedents of the lost civilization that created the weapons called touchstones. At a time the civilization was the most powerful nation in the world thanks to the touchstones. But because of a civil war on wither the civilization should rule the world or protect itself, it was destroyed and only a handful of people survived. It is also reviled that the mysterious organization’s leaders are the 48 evil ones who are also decedents of the civilization and plan to gather the touchstones to rule the world. To prevent this the parents of the 24 heros and heroines who are the members of another organization has gathered the 24 hero and heroines and all of the worlds greatest heroes to stop them. Although there are many trust issues among the heroes one thing is for certain, the Touchstones must be found before the enemy does.    


    2.     The hero chase-An action/drama-This world was once of heroes and villians, until someone summoned a powerful demonic being into the world named Gothfin. This creatures sought control of the universe and all of its inhabitants. Not only is it powerful, it has the power to implante parts of itself into other beings and control them. Within days Gothfin had conquered most of the known universe and enslaved all beings of the universe. Thankful the 48 heroes where able to resist Gothfin’s control and start up a resistance with other heroes they help free. However the resistacne was still not strong enough to fight Gothfin, so the heroes hatched a desparte plan. They discovered that the piece of Gothfin he implanted in them gave them the ability to travel to other universe and because they resisted his control, he could not totally control all of the infected. So the heroes decided that they would travel the multiverse and allow Gothfin to send his forces and thin them so they could take them out. However the downside to the plan is that the heroes have no money or support when they travel to the universes they go to. So they are forced to find ways to survive without any help while fighting Gothfin’s forces.


    3.     The eternal conflict-A action/historical fiction series inspired by the highlander series by 20th century Fox-In this world, before the god created humanity They first created a race of immortals called the deathless. They lived in a dimension known as the eternal plain that was separate from earth. This world bordered the abyss of reality and the realm of the gods. The energy of the both would merge in the core of the eternal plain and became the source of the deathless powers and immortality called the eternity force. The deathless may be immortal but they can die if their healing powers are pushed too far. They also have perfect memories and recall every detail of their lives. They also have the power to control their age. As they get older they can chose in what appearance of age they want to. Although there are many wars, the deathless lived mainly in peace. But that changed one day when the gods unveiled their latest creation, humanity. The gods had made them for a reason, while the deathless could live long enough to complete many achivemnts, humans were destined to achieve many wonders in their short timespans. The gods had intended to have the deathless teach humanity perfection, but to some of the deathless they saw humans as weak and worthless and demanded they be destroyed. This sparked a civil divide among the deathless and had the potential to start a war. To avoid this the leaders of the deathless decided a contest would detrime the fate of humanity. The game, two armies of deathless, one side in favor of humanity, the other against it, would live among the humans and fight each other. To avoid humans from using the deathless’s power for their own means the deathless must hide their idienties while being among the humans. The deathless gained a new power that allows them to cloud human’s minds to make them be unrecognizable. Finally the deathless broke their most important taboo. Whenever a deathless dies, their eternity force goes back to the source, but for the conflict any deathless who kills another deathless can absorbs the defeated’s power and grow stronger. With the rules laid down the heroes of this story now battle through the ages, fighting both human enemies and their own kind.


    4.     Heroes inferno-A horror/action series inspired by a story arch in Lady devilman by Go Nagai-In a world of superheroes, a massive fight was going on between the most powerful heroes and villains. But during that fight, a powerful atomic bomb was dropped, killing both sides. After that the heroes and the villains found themselves in Hell and was being tormented. This confused the heroes for they always fought for justice and only killed if nasacary. But a spirit told the 48 heroes that the heroes and the villains were set up. When all beings die they are broght to the land of the dead to be judged to go to either heaven or hell. But the heroes and villains were brought straight to hell without being tried. This made them unqualified to be in hell, and should they escape hell they would return to life. The spirit also told them that in Hell they can use their can alter reality with their own will. If they do this they can use the powers and weapons they used when they were alive. Since they are already dead they can come back from being killed, but if their will is broken, they well belong to hell forever. The 48 heroes were the first to break free and broke the other heroes free. Relunktently they also broke the villains free, they may belong in Hell, but they deserve a fair trial too. Now the heroes and the villains must work together to crawl through hell and armies of demons.


5.Chaos Theroy-A action/thriller series inspired by Attack on titian by Hajimie Isayama and the Invisibles by Grant Morrison and DC comics and They live by John Carpenter and Universal Studios-In this world it look like an average one. Society is like that of our world. Normal people, normal lives. Same world problems, war, poverty, disease. But several years ago, every government center was attacked by the same mysterious organization. After the attacks, the world leaders appeared and told the world that the organzation’s attack had failed. After that life returned to normal. But this life is just an Illusion. In truth all of the world’s government had secretly been taken over by a race of monsters called the Chaos drivers. For years they had controlled the world in the shadows. They have sparked many wars and had celibates assiangheted, and have committed many other atrocities. But there exist an order that also hides in the shadows, that knows of the Driver’s existenace, and are determined to overthrow them. They are the knights of order. They have existed almost as long as the drivers and have fought them for just as long. To combat the Drivers hand to hand, the order had discovered a chemical from a matiral that is toxic to the drivers. Using this substance they created a ‘miracle serum’” And when a solider is injected with this serum, they gain great power. Currently the 48 heroes are now high ranking officers within the order and are ready to go toe-to-toe with the drivers.    


6.War of dragoons-A fantasy/action series inspired by W.I.T.C.H. by Disney Itaila and Guitar hero Warriors of rock-In this world there exist an multitude of worlds that are split between two rulers. These two rulers are god like beings known as the white and black dragons. For countless eons these two gods have raged war on each other, until one day the two dragons and their empires had reached a stalemate. To counter this, the two kings thought up the same stragady. They both went to earth to find suitable humans to make them warriors and fight on their respective side. The two dragons searched for warriors among humans who were progatis at multiple fields. Among them the white dragon found the 48 heroes who had become famous from their skills, but had become board from lacking a purpose for their skills. When the white dragon found them he tested the them and found them to be worthy and granted them great power. The white dragon then contuied to find other great progites worthy to fight for his cause. At the same time the black dragon had found many warriors to fight for him. They were progites who are cruel and care little for others. The black dragon gave them the darkest of powers to serve him. And now a great war is about to begin.         


7. Heavy birthright-A dark fantasy inspired by Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock and Legends of Percevan by Fantasy flight publishing-Long ago in a world of magic and kings, there existed 48 separate kingdoms, each ruled one ruled by a powerful king. These nations lived in a somewhat unsteady peace; there would only minor battles, but never any major wars. But one day all of the kingdoms were attacked by a race of subhuman barbarians known as the Boithorns. These being were savage and lived only for combat and conquest. With their sheer numbers the Boithorns had almost conquered all of the 48 kingdoms. Because of this the kings of the 48 kingdoms decided to unite the kingdoms under one banner. With this massive army, the Boithorns were defeated and their king was killed. Amazed at their strength the king decided to unite all of the kingdoms into a single one, naming it Arforya. The 48 kings came together to form a council to led the kingdom. For years the kings would led the new kingdom and defended it from all manner of evil. Every time one of the kings died or retired they would be succed by their sons or daughters. This continued for thousands of years, until the day the 48 heroes became the new kings and queens of Arforya. They had been the rulers of the kingdom for only a few years when the Boithorns returned with a new king. After a few battles the genrals of the royal army hatched a plan to kill the Boithron’s king and leave the Boithotns leaderless. The plan did work, but the generals instead became the Boithorns’s new leaders and led the march to war. Now the 48 heroes must lead their armies and the kingdom’s greatest heroes into battle.       


8. Steam powered justice-A steam punk/action story-In this world in the early days of mankind a new fuel source was discovered called unlimtauime. When burned, the fuel gave off a vapor that mimicked steam. With this new fuel, scientific advancement went very quickly and most modern technology appeared, all fueled by the ulimtauime. It was also discovered that if the fuel was melted, it created a chemical that when drunken would grant the drinker powers. Because of this the ulimtauime has become the strongest weapon in the world. The story takes place in the kingdom of Viltory, where the ulimtauime was discovered and to this day is the biggest manuftaure of the ulimtauime. Because of this there is much crime in the kingdom, the biggest crimes all evolving the illegal use of the  ulimtauime. To combat the crimes, the ruling class has put together an eilte military police to run law and order in the kingdom. Leding them are the 48 heroes.            


9. Emotional warfare-A fantasy/drama series inspired by The demon lord and the kaka princess by the Deviant artist Mr-war-Long ago there was an ongoing war the gods and demon that lasted for centuries. The demons were led by the 48 strongest demons who wanted nothing but war and carnage. It was not until a group coasting of gods, mortals and demons who wanted peace untied and fought the 48 demons. Leading this group were the 48 heroes. After a long battle the demons were defeated and sealed away, then there was finally peace between the races. The three races then made the 48 heroes their new leaders and peace flushed for years. However there was still uneasiness between the races and even more problems arrived. Heroes among the three races were falling in love with others outside their race, including the kings and queens. Once this was discovered the three races were appalled and demanded that the war continue. The 48 demons were even let loose from their prisons and came up with a solution. To prevent a war, the heroes must pertcapaite in a deadly game called the judgment games. If they can win, there would be no war. The only question left unanswered is this, is love strong enough? 


10. Kings of the wasteland-A post-apocalyptic/action series inspired by Legends of the dark king by Youkow Osada-This world was one in which everyone had powers, but despite that the world was in a great era of peace and prosperity that been ongoing for years. But that changed on day during an event now called the cataclysm, in which powerful natural disasters caused a great amount of destruction to the world. After the cataclysm ended, the world goverments where planning to share each other resources to help repair the damage. But some more greedy nations refused and triggered a war that destroyed the whole world’s government infrastructure. Now the worlds was one where the strong prey on the weak and survivors huddle in scattered villages. A few years later the 48 heroes had decided to put their plan into action. Before the cataclysm the heroes were the members of an order that were training for an event such as this. The purpose of the training was to reunite humanity and establish a new government structure. The 48 heroes plan is to become kings and build their own rising nation and unite all of the scattered territories together. So far the heroes plan has been successful and there are now the kings of their own nation and call themselves the virtuous kings and queens. However the heroes were not the only ones to start their plans. The 48 villains had trained with the heroes before the cataclysm but decided that they would use this opportunity to conquer the world. They too have created their own empire now calling themselves the evil kings. Now the hoers must fight the villains own empire while uniteing the land.


11. Chains of blood-A action/drama series inspired by Samurai jack by Genndy Tarakovsky and Cartoon Network and Vinland saga by Makoto Yukimaura-In this world a great war had occurred a few years ago. The reason for the war was forgotten, but it’s effects were devastating. The war was ended by one powerful nameless warrior, who was so revered by the people they made him their ruler, calling him Empoeror Nameless. At first it seemed he was a noble hero, but one of his first rulings was the reopen of the slave trade. Prisoners of war and the less fortunate were forced into slavery and each on was forced to wear a chain cufflink with mystic powers that binds them to their owners. Years later the world had become a dystopia were slavery is the biggest and curliest industry. The most popular sport in the world gladiator games. Criminals and former heroes are forced to fight to the death in these cruel games. Among these poor souls are the 48 heroes, once revered warriors, now slaves of the arena. Not only them, but the 48 dark catalysts, no longer caring if they live or die, they just fight. However, all that may change. Both the heroes and the dark catalyst are now owned by a powerful man named Cougar Blood who has a plan. He had been going to other slave owners who have former heroes as gladiator salves and winning them in beets during fights. Now that he as enough powerful warriors, he plans to become the most popular gladiator owner and overthrow the emperor and take his power. The heroes agrees to help because he promises to end all slavery.            


12. Glory’s end-An action series inspired by Serenity Rose by Aaron Alenvich and Slave labor comics-In this world there are those who are born with two things-powers and a destiny. These people born with powers are also born with a mark that signifies that a person is destined to become either a great hero or villain. Although out the world there are those born with these powers and marks and grow to become what they are destined to become. However this is not the ongoing story between heroes and villains. The villains do not make schemes or have any motive for their crimes other than their destines. The heroes are not heroic, they are brutal, rude and constantly abuse their power. The heroes do not protect, the villains plan for nothing, they just fight. The worse problem is that the battles are so destructive, hundreds of civilians die every during battle. The heroes are never arrested because the government sees the casualties as a normal occurrence. For the 48 heroes, this gone on long enough. They have had it with the pointless fighting and the too many casualties. They have decided that such powers are not worth it when they are not controlled. They have sent off on a journey to find the source of the powers and destroy it. Along the way they have made allies with other heroes and even villains who agree with them and decided to help them in their search. Of course they have also made enemies of all of the heroes and villains in the world who don’t want to lose their powers.     


13. Beast knights-A dark fantasy story inspired by the seven deadly sins by Nakaba Suzuki-In this world every nation has in their possession a race of monsters called the blood beasts. Powerful and intelligent creatures that form a pact with the nations they live in. If they are feed and cared for, they will grant them powers. Because of this all the nations have powerful warriors called the beast knights. For years the knights have fought invading nations and monsters that plague the world. The kingdom of Lordica is known for having the strongest beast knights in the world. Amoung them are the 48 heroes who are the top rank knights. But know a new enemy has appeared, a race of demons called the Nameless, the ancient enemy of the blood beast. Now the 48 heroes must lead the heroes and the rest of the beast knights or the world will fall into ruin.  


14. Decaying Paradise-A action/drama series inspired by Bioshock by Irrational games-In this world those with superpowers were always being mistreated by normal humans and despite their powers superhumans could do nothing with them or prove their tormenters they were right. One man has had enough of it all. Raphael Prowl the leader of the superhuman community decied that if the world would not accept him and his kind then they shall leave. Using powerful reality wrapping technology Raphael created a whole dimension that would become the new home for all the superhuman of the world, calling it Paradise. With the prospect of not being persecuted for their powers every superhuman traveled to Paradise and found a shining utopian city as big as a world. Although he did not want too the superhuman commitny made Raphael the leader of Paradise and he accepted. Amoung the superhuman in Paradise are the 48 heroes who came the world tired of the discrimination the world gave them. A few years have passed and everyone is happy. But the heroes are staring to notice something. There have been an increase in riots and fighting, and other crimes. There are even rebel factions within the city that want to rule Paradise for themselves. The heroes have slowly began to notice that hier paradise is staring to fall apart.                     


15. Holy Arena-An action/compation story inspired by god of war ascension by SCE Santa Monica Studio-This is a world of warriors and monsters and where the gods still hold reign over humanity. In this world warriors of great caliber protect the world from monsters and those who would abuse their power. But ever year or so the gods hold a tournament for every warrior of the world, the winner would receive one wish of anything they desire. Many warriors come to win and have their wishes fulfilled, some good, some not so good. Now the call has come, another tournament is being held and warriors from all over the world have come. Among them are the 48 heroes, each one has their own wish they want granted by the gods. The tournament is known for its brutality and ruthlessness, but the heroes shall not be freighted so easily.   


16. Godkillers-A dark fantasy story inspired by Darkseid’s new origin by DC comics-In this world the gods live among humanity and protect them from demons and monsters. Although the gods are immortal, there are rare opportunities when a god is at its weakest from a hard battle. And should a human mortally wound the god, he will kill it and take his power, becoming a near god-like being. Those who would kill a god are often evil and are tired of the gods letting them suffer. Most godkillers want the gods power to use for their own ends and become gods themselves. To combat these killers, the gods gather warriors and grant them powers, naming them holy champions. For centuries the order of the holy Champions have been the defenders of the gods and humanity, fighting those who would kill the gods and enslave humanity. Right now the 48 heroes are amoung the greatest of the champions and word has spread that the godkillers are starting to organize.     


17.The Black cross-A action story inspired by Claymore by Norihiro Yagi and Skullgirls by Autumn games-In this world there exist an object of unknown origins and evil intentions. This object is called the black cross, a living staff that attracts those with the blackest of souls. This staff can grant the wishes of evil men and woman, but only if they agree to serve it and destroy everything. Once the black cross grants an evil person his or her wish it will implant an large jewel on the person’s body and grant it powers, making it a host and servant. Even if the host is killed and the cross destroyed, the cross keeps reappearing and sometimes multiple at the same time. To combat the black cross, the orgnazation called White cross was formed. By taking the jewels from a black cross host, the orgnazation can implant it on a another a solider and grant him or her powers. The 48 heroes are high ranked officers of the white cross and are planning to find the truth behind the black cross and find a way to destroy it once and for all.   


18. Regin of the dead-a horror/action series-This is a world of superheroes under siege. In this world there exist many forms of the undead and many scientist have found vaccines for these monsters. But a new kind of undead has appeared. For unexplainded reasons when a person dies form any reason they turn into a new kind of zomibe that exhibits powers of some kind. And if that person already has super powers the zombie has full access to that power. What's even more confusing is that no matter how badly the body is damage it reconstructs it self and turns into an undead. For months now the heroes of this world have been trying to find  the score of the plague, but it was reviled that there is no plague. The undead are bodies being possed by spirits called Reapers, ancient monsters whose bodies where destroyed but can posses dead flesh and mold it to their needs. The 48 heroes are among the worlds greatest heroes and now must find a way to stop the reapers from killing all of humanity.           


19. The dawn war-A fantasy/horror series-In this world humanity was not created by the gods we know. The first gods of humanity or the old gods they are called, where horrifying to behold and mercilessly cruel to humanity. No one knows why these cruel gods created humanity, some say it was one a whim, or they just wanted something to be cruel to. No one knows but the first of humanity knows that these gods are loveless and without pity. Most humans have given up and realized that nothing would change about their lives. They knew that they were slaves to the old gods. But threw a few who still had hope, hope that someone would come and free them from their endless pain. It was from that hope that gave the new gods to create themselves. After each god had handled their own battles from their creation, all the god decided that because humanity had helped them create themselves, they would free them from the old gods and end their pain. Among the gods are the 48 heroes who are gods in this world. Because of their strength, they have been made leaders in the armies of the new gods. The fight for humanity’s future shall began.   


20. The weird hunt-A action/horror series-This world was one of hero and villains and it went on like that for a while, until one day a race of strange creatures from another dimension called the perfected began to abduct all the heroes and villain in the world. As hard as they fought they were all captured, including the 48 heroes and the 48 villains. It was reveilaed that the perfected where humans that were exposed to a gas that mutated them into what they are. Becaue of the mutations there was no more war or confilit and there was an era of peace. But after millions of years the perfected became broad, so their leader invented the weird hunt. The perfected would gather warriors from other universe and force them to compete in a game in which the perfected brutally hunt down all of them. Now the heroes and villains of this world are forced to play. The objective is that the heroes and villians must run though the perfected’s world until they reach a rift back to their world. Along the way they must fight attacking perfected who carry food and water. Also there exist the thright of becoming a perfected because the gas is still present in the air, so the heroes and villains must get chemicals that the perfected carry to suppress the gas. Now the heroes and villains must work toghter to survive.


21. The gods among us-A fantasy action series inspired by Part time gods by Third eye games-In this world the gods do not reign over humanity from the clouds, they do it in the cities of man, and very close to them. In this world the gods of old and new watch over humanity in secret protecting them from monsters and evil gods. While some of the older gods live apart from humans, some of the newer gods blaince their divine duties while living as a human. All of the gods that protect humanity all work together and are lead by a council led by the anchint gods kings and God himself. Some new gods are the childern of gods or are humans who are trained to become gods. Amoung these thousoands of gods are the 48 heroes who are amoung the most powerful gods and are always eager to help trian new upcoming gods. These are the tales of the god who live among humans.                


22. Revenge death squad-A action/drama series inspired by Killer is dead by Grasshopper Manufacther-In this world there are those with powers and there are those who are normal. But then a scientist gave normal poeple powers through gentic manipulation. These newly gifted superhumans were called the successors and were welcomed to the superhuman community. But then the successoers started to kill superhumans calming they were the inheritors of the wold. This caused a war between the superhumans and the successors. Amoung the superhumans are the 48 heroes, the laders of the reavenge death sqaud, a group of superhumans who want revenge Against successors for killing someone close to them.                 


23. Tools of the gods-A fantasy series inspired by Confrontation by Rackahm and Wargods by Crocodile games-In this world the land is dotted with gleaming cities that are home to verioes races of humanoid creatures. Each one of these races were created by a god that rules over them. Each race has a pact with thier god, the god will give it people what they need to servive as long as they obay their god. Often times the gods use thier races to settle differences or seek justice for a crime. This leads to many large scale wars that claim thousands. For every race their greatest accent they can gain from their god is a herald, a warrior imbued with their gods power giving them great skill in battle and immortality. The 48 heroes are kings and queens of their own people and among the most powerful kingdoms.          


24. Natural predators-An action series inspired by Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and Monster hunter by Capcom-In this world the world has been overrun by giant beast with destructive powers. No one truly knows the origin of these beast, but many believe that they are animals that have evolved to destroy humans. Because of that the beast are referred to as humanity’s natural predators. Amoung the predators are more intelligent ones that act as the leading hierarchy of the beast. They are called the predator kings. Humans tried to reason with them, but the kings stated that to them, humans are only food. Humans however have found a way to fight back. It was discovered that all the predators are edible, and those who ate the beast flesh temporarily gained their powers. Sciantist then discovered a chemical that if they drink it before eating the flesh of a predator they will premarital gain that predator’s power. Hundreads of years have passed and humanity had to adapt to the predators preccance. Many lived in walled cities to keep the predators out. The only ones who can fight the predators are the predators hunters, which functions as a perfection. Hunters go after predators with bounties on their heads to eran a living and push humanities territory further. Among the hunters are the 48 heroes, who are the worlds greatest hunters. 
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