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I just can't stop myself. For over a year now I have had a dozen new ideas for some stories, some I am close to posting. I've also decided to make a new set of hero themed stories to go with my 24 heroes, only this time with my idea of the perfect female superhero. The main charters for these stories are actually charterers that appear in my hero series as the main characters love interest, only this time the ladies are the main characters. Like my heroes the stories take place in each of their own separate universes. These stories will also be mature rated.


    1. Apointed-A fantasy series inspired by MLP FIM by Hasbro and Lauren Faust-In this world after the gods have defeated their first enemies they saw that their creation-humanity was slightly flawed and decided that humanity would need a leader, not someone to control them, but to lead them. They choose the most selfless among them, a creation goddess Cordicha. Bearing the human name Catharine the goddess became an empress that ruled all of humanity. Throughout all of humanity's existence Catharine has ruled with kindness and justice, not completely deciding every aspect of human life and she was loved by the people. However everything changed when a terrorist organization called the crown splitters decided that humanity should sever its ties with the gods and kill Catharine to show their independence. Knowing that if she was killed it would cause chaos and death among the humans, Catharine traveled the world to create a new elite guard to protect her and her people. Most of them being great heroes. With them Empress Catharine will lead them to defeat the crown splitters and protect her people.

ΩEmpress Cordicha-Catharine-Inspired by princess Celestia of MLP FIM by Hasbro and Lauren Fasut-Catharine is considered to be the most selfless of the gods, which is what caused her to be chosen. She cares greatly for humanity, even for those who are evil. But she is still willing to punish those who would harm others greatly. She may be a leader, but she prefers to fight her own battles, and she is very powerful. She does not enjoy killing her enemies, especially if they are human. But if they are too dangerous to the lives of other humans, she will kill them. Catharine has eons of combat experience and has made her own fighting style. She both the strength and immortality of a god. Since she is a creation goddess, her main power is the ability to create anything from weapons to forces of nature.


    2.Shattered crown-A fantasy/fighting series-In this world there are three main bodies of humanity. The first are ordinary people-the every-day citizens that live normal lives and normal problems. The second is the Grand king-the supreme ruler of the world that governs all of humanity. Finally the third body lies in between the people and the king-the royal families. These families are the elite of the world, they handle the business in this world. These families are not ordinary people in more than one way, most of them have powers or are skilled in some form of combat. For centuries these families have been known to fight each other to gain control of their businesses. But now something has happened in this world, the king has been killed. Now all of the families are forced to fight in a tournament to choose a successor to the throne. Most of the families want to win the tournament so a member of their family will take the throne so they can rule the world behind him or her. However there are some families who are not so greedy and wish to win to enrich the world. One such representative is Silva Wingstar. A young woman who cares for her family and loves fighting wishes to take the throne and bring happiness to the world. Seeing that that there are hardly any rules in the tournament, Silva went to families that were less greedy and formed alliances with them to work together and win the tournament.

ɄSilva Wingstar-Silva is a rather particular young woman. She's loud, she's brash, and she loves fighting. She is the main representative for the Wingstar family that runs fighting circuits. If there is one thing Silva loves more than fighting, it's making people happy. She knows there are more important things then fighting and can be an excellent leader. She is very skilled in all forms of combat and strategy. Silva has more power then it seems. She came into contact with very powerful monsters called the civilization swallowers., monsters that are powerful enough to wipe out humanity. Silva however killed a great many of them, by herself. She then had their organs and blood surgically attached to her, giving her their strength and powers.


    3. Balance-An action series inspired by the anime Zettai Karen children by Takashi Shiina-In this world there was a war between three races. Humans-regular humans who can gain power threw powerful weapons, magic, or martial arts. Power users-Humans born with unique powers. Non-humans-Creatures that exist outside of humanity such as demigods, demons, aliens and others. The three races hated each other immensely. Humans considered the other races to be monsters and thought themselves to be the superior race. The power users consider themselves the next stage of evolution and thought the other races to be inferior. The non-humans believed that humans and power-users were destructive and greedy and deserved only death. For years the three races have fought a pointless unending battle. Until finally the leaders of the three races finally decided that they have had enough and decided to make a truce. However there are those who do not want to stop fighting and killing those they hate. So the three leaders created a peace keeping force comprised of operatives from each race that would stop fighting and crimes between the three races. They named it, the temperance organization. Leading them is a human named Anna Faust.

Џ Anna Faust-Sarah is the perfect candidate to lead the Temperance organization. Unlike most humans like her she does not hate the other two races, she accepts them and only desires peace and does not understand humanity's hatred towards the other races. She personally chose the other operatives of her organization and she made sure they harbored no hatred for each other. Anna herself is a human, but she is more than that. She is a witch, but not the kind that uses dark magic. She can harness the powers of the oldest spirits in the world, giving her immanence magical power.


    4. Threat unit-A military action series based off the G.I. Joe series by Hasbro and the metal gear series by Konami and Kojima-In this world there are those born with super powers, but there are no superheroes. Vigilantism is still a crime, so those with powers who want to make a diffacrne in the world join the military. Every nation in the world has their own soldiers with super powers and their most powerful ones are viewed as weapons of mass destruction. But there are factions of terriost who only want the world for themselves. Whenever there exist a threat that endangers the entire world, the united nations send a unit consting of their strongest superhuman soldiers called the threat unit. The leader of this united combat unit is a vampire named Claire Jadeeye.         

×Claire Jadeeye-Clarie may be a vampire, but she is far from evil. She has served her country for many years and has become powerful enough to not constantly need blood to survive. She has always been commented to preserving peace and justice in her country. Now with the rise of the villens terrioest, she now comments to preserve peace and justice throughout the world. Claire is the highest level of vampire. She only needs to drink a little blood, sunlight does not hurt her, and anything holy related does not affect her. She has all the normal powers of vampires, superstregth and speed, shape-sifting, and others. She also has absorbed the souls of many demons, monsters and villains she has fought over the years. She has turned them into her familiars and can control them. 


    5. Cat's eye view-A superhero/detective series inspired by Dark Horse book's Blacksad-This world was once normal. It had typical super heroes and villains, same as any super hero world. But then that all changed when a planet wide infection struck the world. It did not kill anyone, it instead turned the entire population of earth part animal. Some them were not just turned part into regular animals. Some even turned into partly into mythical animals. Even visiting aliens were infected, only they were turned partly into animals of their home planets. The only ones who were not infected were robots, the undead, and those who were already part animal. Humanity found that with their new bodies they gained new abilities from their animal halves. However they also gained more powerful primal instincts making it more difficult to control their own actions. This has caused crime to escalate. And among all the heroes trying to keep it all together is one woman. Ophelia Rain, a superhero detective.

҉Ophelia rain-Ophelia has been a superhero detective a long time, even before the infection. She manly works as a private eye but will take any case she comes across. Her often takes jobs form anywhere in the world or be chance when she travels. Her skills as a detective are astronomical and has a very skilled sense of judgment. Her other skills include high skills of close quarter fighting. She mainly fights with a family heirloom that is actually thousands of powerful weapons merged into one.


    6. Purgatory city-An action series inspired by Bioshock by Irrational games and Madame Mirage by Image comics and Top cow productions-In this universe years ago earth was hit by a meteor shower. Although it did not cause much destruction, the asteroids themselves gave way to the world's greatest discovery. When scientist studied the asteroids, they discovered that components from them could make a substance that if injected into a human, that human will gain super human powers. At first humanity was thrilled, they had finally gain powers that would make them the heroes they always wanted to be. Humanity started to call the drug that gave them their powers ambrosia, as the source of their powers fell from the heavens and made humanity gods. Sadly when there are gods, there are also demons. Some users of the drugs started to use the drugs to comment large scale crimes and cause massive destruction. The situation got worse when ambrosia became extremely addictive to its users. The problem got so bad, that all of the world's governments put a ban on the drug. They then formed an anti-ambrosia user task force to go after and arrest any user of the drug called the titan unit. But they made a colossal mistake of choosing  the force's leader. Jethro Babel, a former war hero with lots of expercancie with dealing with super human ambrosia users. The world's government also made another mistake with giving him full authority on how to deal with the users. Using the city where ambrosia originated he forced ever one living there to leave, constructed a massive wall around the city and turned it into a gllowfied lawless prison. Every user sent there is force to fend for him or herself. The guards of the city air deliver food and ambrosia to the prisoners. Babel's intention was not to rehabilitate the users, but to have them kill each other. There are some users within the city who were once good people who only use the drug to try and still be heroes. But the titan unit is relentless to anyone who uses the drugs. And now they are stuck in the city for trying to do good. But there is hope in the city. Hope in the form of a teenage girl named Agatha. She is a very strange girl with immense power and vast knowledge of the ambrosia drug. She wants to help the heros escape from the city and destroy it. But they can only leave if they get clean from the drug, which no one ever has. Agatha however is creating a new brand of the drug called Amrita (something similar to ambrosia from Hindu mythology) that gives the users their powers, but less of the additive effect. Led by Agatha the heroes plan to not only overpower their addictions, but go through out the city, gather all the ambrosia and destroy it all.

₳Agatha-Agatha is a very strange girl but powerful at the same time. She has lived her entire life in the city and has never seen the world outside. Truth be told she is not entirely human. She is actually a bio engineered creature that has ambrosia constantly flowing through her veins. When she was created she was still an infant, but her and her father that created her where thrown into the city. At first it was just her and her father, just trying to survive in the city, until he was killed. Agatha then had to kill and steal to survive in the city and became a ruthless monster, until she meet her first love, a boy user at her age, who taught her humanity once more. Ever since then Agatha has become a very compassionate girl and is willing to help and protect others. Now she plans to free her new friends of their addictions and destroy the city. Agatha is very skilled and has been fighting all her life. Normally she is very strong and can heal extremely fast. She also has dozens of powers from the ambrosia in her veins but can only use them one at a time. 


    7. White riders-A horror/post-apocalyptic series inspired by Capcom's Resident evil series and Sega's House of the dead series and Image and AMC's the walking dead-In this world there exist a breed of monsters that has always been a constant threat to humanity. A race of undead like creatures known as the white riders. Like traditional undead the fest on the living, and those only bitten by one will become a white rider. However unlike normal zombies, white riders are very strong and aggressive and can only be killed if you destroy their brains or hearts. Also White riders have superpowers and the more a white rider eats the more powerful it becomes. But the biggest threat of the riders is that they are organized. When a white rider eats enough flesh it evolves into a pale rider, not only is it stronger but the rider regains it previous intelligence and can command other white riders. The riders also have a leader, a very powerful being called the true mind. Although there are standard methods to kill white riders, the best weapons to use against them are red riders-Normal humans who were bitten by a white rider, but did not turn into one and gained a superpower from it. To combat the riders, the governments of the world had gathered many strong red raiders and formed a unit called the red knights. Leading them is a woman named Rebecca Knight, the world's leading expert on the riders and a very powerful red raider. At first the red knights just handled random attacks from the riders, but after the riders pulled off a huge attack, all of the governments collapsed and everyone was left to fend for themselves. The red knights must know survive while trying to find the source of the riders and destroy it.

∞Rebecca Knight-Rebecca has always had a vendetta against the riders. When she was younger her family and hometown were attacked by a swarm and only she survived because she was bitten and became a red rider. Since then she vowed to stop them, but not for revenge, but to make sure no one would feel the loss she felt. Threw out her young life into adult hood she constantly trained, in fighting skills and perfected her powers. When she was old enough she joined the military and the red knights. Within a few years she became their best solider and became the top ranking leader of the red knights. And after every battle, Rebecca would collect the corpses of the riders and studied them. It was because of her humanity now has a clearer understanding of what they are fighting. Because of this action Rebecca is now recognized as the world's leading expert on the riders. Rebecca is very a serious about her job, but is also a very kind and generous woman. Rebecca has many skills thanks to her years of training. She is an expert in marksmanship, close quarter combat and skilled with any weapon. The power she gained from the riders bite, allows her to completely control her bodies own particles. She can shape her body into anything and turn into any martial or element.


    8. The bleeding cage-A prison drama/action series inspired Deadman wonderland by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou-In this world of superheroes and villains there was always a problem of continuing the large amount of supervillians. They always escaped, they fought loop holes in the system or there was never enough funding. But one day an organization appeared with a proposition. A super deluxe prison for supervillians that forces the inmates to fight each other to entertain the masses and uses the money to fund the prison. It became a great surprise when all of the world's government agreed to the proposal. And so several prisons were created and hosted the bloodsport games known as the bleeding cage. Also surprisingly it became very popular throughout the world. The heroes of this world at first did not agree with having villians fight each other as a means of rehabilitation. But they did have to admit it was working, every villain they arrested never escaped from the prison. And so after several years crime began to drop drastically. But things took a worst for the heroes as they were suddenly being blamed for large scale crimes they did not commit. Soon most of the world's greatest heroes were falsely arrested and forced into the games. Now the heroes are trapped in a prison filled with all the villains they put away. And the only person they can trust is each other and a former heroine Tina Steel.

⌂Tina Steel-Years ago Tina was a teen superhero named Timer and the leader of a small time band of other teen superheroes. They were not that recognized in the superhero community, but that did not bother them that much. They mainly handled super villains in their own hometown. But things changed horrible when a corrupt corporation that was actually a front for super villains killed each of the team's families. Out of rage and fury the teen heroes attacked the corporation and slaughtered all of the super-villains. Knowing what they did was wrong, they turned themselves in. Each one of them just wanted the death penalty, but because of some illegal maneuvers the courts forced Tina and her friends to serve life sentences in the bleeding cage prisons. They have been imprisoned for a few years and due to being forced to fight have become raining champs in the games, especially Tina who due to her brutality in the games has made her the most feared inmate. Before Tina had never interacted with any of the other prisoners besides her friends. But when the falsely convicted heroes showed up she became friends with them. Tina herself knows a guilty person when she sees one, due to that she believes in the heroes innocence. Therefore she fully intends to help them survive in the cage. Tina powers are mainly time manipulation which she was born with. Aside from stopping and reversing time and other commonly used time powers, Tina can use her powers to slightly alter her own past to give her skills and knowledge of fighting skills. She can also pull creatures and objects from the timeline and control them without altering history.  


    9. Fragments-A fantasy series inspired by Kingdom hearts by Square Enix and Dragon hunters by Philippe Delarue and Barrage by Kohei Horikoshi-Long ago humanity came in passion of a great power that is referred to as the ultimate knowledge. This power allowed humanity to gain powers they had never possessed and greatly improve their world and technology. However humanity became greedy and began to fight each other over the knowledge. The end result was that the world broke apart and became a world of floating continents in a void. Despite this, humanity survived and found ways to traverse the fragments. However this did not stop the fighting, it only became a fight for control over the fragments. This all changed one day when a lone man found what remained of the ultimate knowledge and took it. It granted him immense power and he used it to form a kingdom and unite the fragments. After he established order he became the king of the world. Unfortunately as he grew old the ultimate knowledge faded from his mind and so did his power. Because of this the order of the kingdom fell apart and the fighting began again. Thankfully the king had a son who inherited the knowledge and gain his own power. The prince led his father's army to reestablish the order and afterword's became the king of the fragments. These events would keep repeating themselves for years. The king or queen would grow old and chaos would fall upon the fragments and the ruler's child would led an army to regain control. And know the cycle has fallen again. The current king-King Waveshield has grown old and his power is weakening and the fragments have fallen into chaos. Now it is up to the kings daughter Sophita to restore order to her kingdom. To accomplish this, she travels the fragments and seeks aid of heroes to help her in her quest.

±Sophita Waveshield-The princess and heir to the throne of the world of Fragments. A very kind and intelligent young women who cares for her people. But she is also a skilled warrior and is willing to kill anyone who troubles her kingdom and its inhabitants. Sophita plans to restore order to the fragments but she has other plans she wants to preform, a way to break the cycle and restore order permentilly. Sophita is very skilled in many fighting styles and military tatcites. She has also gained power from inheriting the ultimate knowledge. Its power gave Sophita the power to control matter. She can use to turn anything into something else, she can fly and teleport and she can increase her own strength to inhuman levels.


    10. The walking war-An action adventure series inspired by Samurai jack by Genndy Tarakovsky and Cartoon Network-In this world an evil and very powerful sorcerer Lorky sought to control the world and all those within it. All of the world's heroes banded together to stop him. Leading them was a young woman named Dao-ming Hui who was prophesied to defeat the sorcerer. When the time came for the final battle Dao-Ming faced Lorky and used everything she had to stop him. But it was not enough and Lorky won the fight and seemed to kill Dao-Ming. Lorky quickly took control of the world and decided to punish the heroes for getting in his way. He had every hero imprisoned and tortured without end and not allowing them to die. For four years Lorky ruled with cruelty and fear. But hope had not vanished, for Dao-Ming was saved by her sister who had infiltrated Lorky's servants. But although she was saved Dao-Ming was put in a coma from the battle. Four years later she awoke and after regaining her strength went on a blitzkrieg to free the other heroes. Now the heroes travel the world, fighting Lorky's servants to free the people of the world of his evil. 

ѬDao-Ming Hui-A skilled and charitable young heroine. Dao-Ming became an orphan when a super villain killed her whole family except for her and her sister. They were left in the care of an order of martial artists. They knew Dao-Ming was the one destined to defeat Lorky, so they trained her in their strongest fighting style and made her a hero. Dao-Ming is very kind and is willing to help anyone in trouble without any sort of payment. She does not considerer herself a messiah of any sort, she just sees that Lorky is a huge threat and must be eliminated. Dao-Ming is trained in a very powerful martial arts known as the elighnted fist. This style allows her access to her chakras and unlock them to reach great power. She can also control the forces of nature and wield them. 


    11. Kingdom of souls-A dark fantasy series inspired by Elder scrolls Skyrim by Bethesda Game studio-In this world when man came into being, they were tormented by monsters and demons. They had no way to defend themselves and were helpless against the monsters cruelty. To aid them the gods created a race of monsters known as the sacred beast. These monsters would challenge the humans and should the humans prove themselves, the monster would give the human its own soul and grant the human its power. These humans became the first soul warriors. With these powers mankind was able to make its place in the world. To this day the sacred beast still exist and soul warriors have become a profession. The sacred beast are kept in an area of hallowed ground and warriors can enter these places to prove themselves worthy to become soul warriors. Of course the world is still full of danger. There are rouge soul warriors and still plenty of monsters. There are even those who capture sacred beast and devour the beast flesh to gain its power, these dark warriors are known as soul heretics. Then there are the dark soul warriors-cults who make dark pacts with evil versions of sacred beast created by gods of evil. Because of these evils, the world is in constant need of soul warriors. And among all this, there is one woman soul warrior who is after something she needs to save her kingdom. Her name is Beatrice Volt.

ΞBeatrice Volt-Beatrice was once the princess of a very powerful and peaceful kingdom. Her father was its king. A noble and powerful soul warrior. But one day a powerful demon attacked the kingdom and took it over. Beatrice was able to escape thanks to her father's friends. For almost her entire life she trained to defeat the demon and take back her kingdom. A few years ago she completed her training and became a soul warrior. Now for the past few years she has lived the life of a soul warrior for she cannot yet return to her kingdom until she had enough battle experience. In all her battles she is always trying to find the true meaning of strength.  Beatrice herself is kind and noble like her father. She is very friendly and enjoys making friends. Because of her training she skilled in all forms of fighting. Even though Beatrice is respected as a warrior, some fear her and consider her a monster because when she took the test to become a soul warrior, thousands of sacred beasts attacked her and she defeated them all and took each of their souls, so she now possess many powers.


    12.  Superhuman intelligence-A spy/espionage series inspired by the 007 series by MGN studios and the metal gear series by Konami and Kojima-In this world there exist those with super human powers and advance technologies. And there exist those who would use these powers to commit great crimes that have the potiachal to throw the world into chaos. These people who would abuse their power usually kept their actions hidden until they are ready to strike. To combat the threat of criminals who have large access to such powers, the united nations put together a task force that employs super-humans as spies. This task force consist of operatives from all over the world, each with an outstanding background of espionage and combat. Each operative lives the life of a average person until they are called into action and always keeps their spy life hidden. And the greatest among these warriors in shadow is a British woman named Elisabeth Dusk codename the hungry ghost. When every a group with great power threatens the world these agents work together to destroy from within.

∩Elisabeth Dusk-Elisabeth had a short childhood and a long spy carrier. When she was young her whole family was killed in an attack by a cell of super powered criminals. Although she was seriously hurt she was saved by a spy from the task force. This spy took her under his wing and trained her. A kind and insightful young woman, she has gained much experience from her life as a spy. She gets along well with others and can work great with any other agent she teams up with. She is very skilled in all manners of espionage and combat. Because of her injuries when she was young, she need cybernetic implants and is now part machine. Her part robot body has proved useful many times as her body has built in weapons and spy tools.


    13.  The Cost of Evil- A action/horror story Inspired by the DC comic event Underworld Unleashed-In this world eons ago a group of powerful sorcerers wanted to conquer the world. They were defeated by a clan of powerful warriors welding powerful mystic stones and sent them to Hell. Years later the sorcerers stole the power of Hell and escaped. By stealing the power of Hell they became powerful demons. After escaping Hell, they decided that they would conquer all the realms, including Earth, Heaven, and Hell. To do this they went all over the world looking to make dark deals with individuals who wanted something great and are willing to sacrifice anything. The demon sorcerers would give these individuals whatever they wanted, under the guideline that they would form the demon's army to conquer all of the realms. After a while the demon sorcerers had a sizable army and started to lay siege to the world. The heroes of the world were having trouble fighting the army of the demon until a woman and her friends showed up to help them. Her name is Morrigan Crow, a member of the tribe that defeated the sorcerers and the direct descendent of the leader who defeated the sorcerers the first time. With her leading them, the heroes ban together to stop the demon sorcerers insurrection.

ØMorrigan Crow-If you first get a look at Morrigan, her apprance would shock you. She is a very large woman. She's nine feet tall and very muscular. Not only is she large, she has quite the explosive temper. She's violent, loud and the best chance humanity has to stopping the demon sorcerers. She may have a temper problem, but she is very strong and a capable leader. She has been training for the return of the demon sorcerers her entire life and the results of her training are apparent. She knows how the demon sorcerer's dark deals work and how to break them from the person they formed a deal with. In combat she is very brutal and uses a fighting style of her own making. She also has access to the very stones that defeated the demon sorcerers before. A collection of mystic stones called the God-stones. These stone hold great power and were forged by Morrigan's clan. Morrigan has enough power to wield a great number of the stones and their power.    


    14.   Mass Humanity storage device-A sci-fi series inspired by The Matrix by Warner brothers and the Tron series by Disney-In the very far future the planet was quickly becoming uninhabitable and lifeless. Rather than give in to destruction, humanity escape extinction by creating a self-sustaining computer system and turned all of humanity into data and downloaded them into a massive world of data. There they created worlds for humanity to inhabit. At first it was designed to be a paradise, but problems arrived when destructive monsters started to attack the inhabitants. These creatures were virus that lived by instinct and only desired to devour data. More trouble showed up when certain humans found a way to control the data around them and fancied themselves gods and demanded worship. To combat these new enemies humanity created an organization to fight them. They are called the erasers. Using programs called battle programs these warriors gain great powers to fight the new enemies of mankind. In one corner of the vast data universe is a branch of the erasers led by one woman who has been on the job for years and has become one of the best there is. Her name is Patricia Brookes.

ʡPatricia Brookes-Patricia was born inside the data world and it is the only world she has ever known. All her life she had wanted to help people in some way. The problem though she tended to be a bit clumsy and unskilled in some things. She always admired her parents who were very skilled erasers. But when they were both killed in the line of duty, she decide to become an eraser to honor their memory. At first everyone thought she would get herself killed, but though sheer effort and hard work she became an official eraser and years later became a high ranking officer. Since then she has been made a leader of her own branch and given her own taskforce. For every occasion she does-especially battle-she always put all of her effort into it and has become her dogma of her life. She has mastered many forms of combat and gained her own battle program. It takes the form of an uncountable number of masks that each give her its own power.     


    15.  Dying gaia-A action series inspired by Cassher sins by Madhosue-This world is one of heroes and villains, but the world is dying, its ecosystems are collapsing, the animals and crops are dying, and so are the people of the world. Scientist tried and tried to find the source of the problem but found nothing. Until one day a single man Named Oliver Bounders told the heroes of a monster that devours planets. The one causing the world's death is a monster called the oblivion beast. An alien life form that merges with a host of the planet it's on and absorbs the planets energy over the course of years. The host is unaware of the beast but gains vast power from the beast feeding on the planet until it dies. The man told the heroes the only way to save the world from destruction was to kill the host. And the host is a young woman and superhero named Kami Tower A.K.A. beast lady. With no choice the heroes of the world tried to kill her, but always failed. Each time the heroes tried she was either too strong to fight or other heroes helped her because they did not believe she was responsible for the world's decay. After a while Kami found an ancient order that reviled that she was not the oblivion beast but it was actually the man who told the heroes she was, Oliver Bounders. In truth Kami is actually a living embodiment of nature its self and it is her destiny to kill the oblivion beast and heal the earth from the beast blight. Not holding a grudge against her fellow heroes Kami forgave them and rallied them together to go slay the beast and restore the world. 

ѰKami Tower-Kami had no idea she was Gaia's avatar, she was born with her powers and figured they just formed from a mutation. Most of her life she was a superhero and a very good one at that. And when the world began to die she tried to help out the best she could, but when her father was killed, he told her to seek out the order because he was a member and he knew they could tell her about her destiny. If there is one word to describe Kami, its perseverance. She does not linger from her goals and will always pursue them. Even when all of the world heroes wanted her dead, she did not stop until she found the truth and she even forgave the heroes after words. All of Kami's powers steam from the fact she is Gaia's avatar. She has high super strength and speed and near invincibility. She can also heal any wounds her comrades have and when she discovered about her true nature she learned that she can heal whole ecosystems which is what she needs to heal the planet. Her main form of power is that she can barrow the powers of all of the animals in the world, including a race of very powerful beast called the beast lords.            


    16.     Dr. Aoife-A pulp action/adventure story inspired by the Indiana jones series by Lucasfilms and the adventures of Tintin by Herge and the Jonny Quest series by Hanna-barbera-In this world there exist those with powers, but they are not quite superheroes. These people live normal lives, they work, go to school like normal people despite their powers, but they all have the same hobby, the thrill of adventure. They explore lost civilizations, hunt for treasure. They also investigate mysteries of the supernatural. Sometimes their governments hire them for certain activates involving those who abuse their power. These individuals are called seekers. And among the top ranked seekers is a young woman named Sarah Aoife.

҈ Sarah Aoife-Sarah lives a pretty exciting life. Her day job is a world renowned doctor and surgeon. But when the opportunity arises she goes to explore lost worlds and wonders. All her life she has lived the life of a seeker. Her father was the best one of his time. And when he died protecting her, she became one herself to honor him-that and she inherited his love for adventure.  Sarah herself is a very kind and genouies young woman and hates seeing people get hurt and is willing to fight those that do. She is very prudent and can reason out of any situation wither it's a fight, or saving a penchants' life. Being one of the world's greatest Seeker she has made friends with many other seekers. Due to traveling her whole life Sarah has received fighting styles from all over the world. Sarah was also born with a unique power. She has complete control over her body, giving her super-strength and healing and the power to form weapons from her own body. Plus she has years of medical knowledge so she knows the right places to strike the enemy.  


    17. Universal jurisdiction-A sci-fi/cop drama inspired by Judge Dread by Rebellion Developments and Blade runner by Warner brothers-This story takes place in an entire multiverse. This branch of the entire multiverse differs from the others. It was hit by a massive cosmic storm that greatly damaged each of the worlds. To survive all of the governments in this multiverse deiced to come together and form one massive government. By using powerful technology people can travel from universe to universe extremely quickly. Of course crime is very rampant in this multiverse, each world is heavily ridden with all manners of crime. To combat the scale large of crime the governments enlisted their worlds heroes and made them law enforcement officers. Each group of heroes are now the law in their own universe but will ask for help from other heroes from the other worlds if needed. In the center of the multiverse is a world that is the most crime ridden then any of the other worlds. The lead officer of this world is a hard and skilled woman. Her name is Eka Jagthia.

ᴓEka Jagathia-Eka has seen firsthand, the terror of crime. She used to live in poverty with her family when she was young. Although she did not have much she was very happy. Until s violent gang attacked her home and killed her family. While she lived in an orphanage she constantly trained herself to become a superhero. When she was older she became a powerful one in her own universe. She was known as the unbreakable warrior. But when the cosmic storm hit the multiverse and the goverments were creating the superhero law enforcers she was enlisted too. And after a few years she became the top ranked officer in her universe. Personality wise Eka is a very hard and difficult person to work with. That said she is not entirely cold, she knows the importance of friends and allies and is only willing to kill the most violent of criminals. Eka is very diligent in her work. She will go out of her way to help anyone in need. She has been trained in many forms of both armed and unarmed combat.  Eka was born with a unique power. She is super strong and can form an organic armor over her body that she can use to form weapons. She can also use the armor as a conduit to fire her own spiritual energy as a weapon.              


    18.    War of the worthy-An action/adventure series-In this world superheroes wage their endless war against the forces of evil constantly fighting, achieving either victory or death. But there is more going on behind the scenes. Heroes and villains are merely the pawns that determine the fate of all life. And the ones playing the game are the lords of good and evil, powerful godlike beings that embody the very concepts of good and evil. The lords of evil who embody destruction and greed only seek to destroy all life in existence, while the lords of good who embody peace and justice aim to stop them. These beings are in fact the very one who create all heroes and villains and use them to battle and decide humanity's fate. But now the final battle has come, the final test to prove which is greater, good or evil. To decide this the lords of good and evil gathered the greatest heroes and villains and hold a contest to decide the worlds final fate. Among the heroes is an immortal woman who has fought evil for millennia and stands on the thin grey line between good and evil. She is the demoness Olidla.

ὧOlidla may be a demon but she is on the side of justice. Eons ago she and her lover were angels, serving God. And when the war in heaven began Olidla and her lover became neutral from either side. After the war Olidla and her lover were to be punished but God spared them but only if they became demons and fought the emerging evil in the world. The two agreed and became demon heroes and fought evil throughout history. Olidla is known for having two things, a large sense of justice, and a huge temper. She is easily angered and prone to starting fights. Despite this she has a large sense of temperance and self-control, she may start fights, but know when is the right time to stop it. She also knows the balance of what if good and evil.  Olidla has centuries of combat experience and knowledge. She also has natural demon strength and immortality. Her main demonic ability is the power to transform anything into a real weapon.                  


    19.    Warsong-a action/fantasy story inspired by Joe the barbarian by DC comics-In this world a great evil has arisen, a powerful being named Strodisitc-a living embodiment of evil itself-seeks only to conquer the world and turn it into a hopeless void. All of the world's heroes have tried to fight Strodisitc but were all defeated. When all hope seemed lost, there came a prophecy of a warrior would be able to lead the world's heroes to victory. All of the world's heroes were expecting a great knight or a king, but it turns out the warrior is a teenage girl named Amy Cross. Despite the heroes disappointment Amy is actually a very powerful warrior and will prove herself to be a great leader and save the world.

₡Amy Cross-Amy may be a teenage girl but she is quite capable in a fight. She actually belongs to a household of powerful warriors and its leader is her father. When she was young her household had great expectations for her to become a great warrior. Amy does wish to be reconized as a warrior and hero, but she wants to do it on her own terms, so she left the comfort of her home and trained to be the warriors she is today. If Amy has any weaknesses, it that she is not very sure of herself. She does not doubt her own strength or the strength of her comrades, but she is not sure if she is a capable leader to lead the heroes against Strodisitc. Amy has trained hard to become as strong as she is today. She is skilled in many forms of fighting, both hand-to-hand and armed. Her greatest ability is the mastery of war music, a powerful ability to use music from any instrument to alter reality.          


    20.  The power rush-A western/alternate history series inspired by Priest by Min-woo Hyung and the sixth gun by Oni press-In this world the American civil war had ended and the era of the wild west was beginning. But things in this world took a very different turn then ours. Early explorers found a strange object of great power and when they first touched it, it released a wave of energy that spread throughout the world. This energy created an event called 'the leap.' Humanity was suddenly enlightened and very quickly created modern day technology and even some more advanced. The leap also changed humanity and granted some inhuman powers. A few years later, people from all over the world are now traveling the wild west of America to find more of this power source, thus staring the movement known as 'The power rush.' Some of them were sent by their governments to bring back the power, others want it for their own reasons. Amoung them is a young woman who wants to make the world a better place for all. Her name is Marie Thompson.

⃝Marie Thompson-Marie is a young cowgirl who fallows her convictions. She has seen much action in her years as a seeker of the power source and is always willing to help anyone in trouble when no one else can help. Her only goal is to find the power source and make the world better for all those who live in it. When she was younger she had lost her father who was killed by an unknown group because he had information to the whereabouts of the power source. Marie's dream of a better world was her fathers, so she decided to fallow his dream and became a cowgirl. Marie is trained in many forms of fighting, including weapons, hand to hand, and gun fighting. But there's more to Marie then that. When her father died she was approached by a gathering of spirits who felt her anger. She made a pact with them that if they help her find the power source, they can pass on. From that day on the spirits had possessed Marie and given her their powers.            


    21.   Fist of Righteousness-A martial arts action story inspired by Kung fu panda by Dreamworks-This world is very different from our own concerning martial arts. In our world martial arts was very practical in the ancient days as there was much conflict. But as time progressed the use and study of marital arts declined. In this world however the study of martial arts stayed consent and was regarded with great importance. Because of this martial arts masters deviled deeper and deeper into the nature of martial arts. Until the time came when they discovered methods of training that would give any user incredible powers. The masters discovered many different methods that would give a person different powers. These powerful fighting styles became known as the righteous fists. Most users of the fists usually become heroes or soldiers. However any one can learn the righteous fist and there are some who would abuse the powers they give. Because of this one woman has decided to create a dojo that has one purpose, to hunt and defeat those who abuse the power of the righteous fist. She Elshia Hertha the successor of a powerful righteous fist.

₴ Elshia Hertha-Elshia lives and breathes martial arts. She was born into a clan that partices many righteous fists. Elshia herself is the daughter of the clan leader and because of that she is the sole successor to a powerful style. She has been trained her whole life to master the fist. She has always admired and respected all forms of martial arts and those who practice them. Then one day after she had mastered the style, her clan was attacked by rouge  righteous fist users. In the ensuing battle her father was killed. Because of this she decided to found a temple that welcomes all styles and hunt down those who use the righteous fists for evil. Elsiha is very powerful and skilled. She has been trained her whole life to master her family style. This righteous fist is called, the claw of the dragon god. This fist allows to use the powers of dragons, including strength, element control and shapesifhting.                        


    22. Utopia war-A military action series inspired by transformers by Hasbro-In this world in the far future scientist discovered that the world was soon going to end for unknown reasons. With nothing they could do all of humanity boarded massive space ships and evacuated the planet before it exploded. With no home humanity traveled the stars to find a new home. Along the way they met a large fleet of alien ships each belonging to many other races. They too were looking for a new home for their worlds were destroyed as well. Humanity and these alien fleets joined together to look for a new home. After searching for a short while they discovered a massive undiscovered planet. When they explored it they discovered that it was brimming with enough resources for all of the spices to thrive on. And so the races formed a new untied government on the planet and colonized the planet naming it Utopia. For several hundred years the races of Utopia thrived in peace. But that all changed when the planet's resources began to quickly deplete and degrade. This sparked a huge debate among the people. Some wanted to lessen the use of the resources and preserve the planet so they could continue to live on it. Some wanted to use up all the resources until they run dry and move on the next planet.  This debate became so heated it triggered a civil war among the inhabited. All of the people were split between two sides the preservers and the wasters. The war has gone on for several years turning once normal people into soldiers. One of these soldiers is a powerful woman that is argued to be the greatest leader of the preservers. A woman named Carol Sands.

◊Carol Sands-Carol did not ask to be solider or to fight in a war she wanted no part in. But Utopia is her only home and you can beat she'll fight like Hell to protect it. Because of that she has had a service record of many incredible battles and victories to the preserver cause. Now she has big plans that could finally end the war. She is gathering all of the preserver's strongest warriors to form an elite unit to hunt down the wasters leaders. If Carol is anything she's very determined woman and is willing to fight anyone to save the planet. Carol is skilled in many forms of fighting and military tactics. Carol was born with a uniqe power. She has the ability to absorb the power of anyone and anything and use it.              


    23. Arenaverse-A sport action series inspired by Super Monday night combat by Uber Entertainment and Fighting spirit by George Morikawa-This story takes place in an entire multiverse. Several years ago in the this branch of the multiverse, each world had developed it's own means of traveling to other worlds within their multiverse. But when that happened, something unexpected happened. A war that engulfed the entire multiverse. No one knew what the reason was but it raged for a few years. The goverments of each world forced their world's superheroes to go fight in the war, through blackmail or threats. And when the war was over, no one won. The damage to the worlds was too great. Each of the world's became hard to live in and almost unlivable. Until one day an organization from outside the multiverse came and formed the Arenaverse games. A fighting compaction that would entertain the masses and help restore the worlds. Most of the former heroes and villains entered the games for their own reasons, for the money, or to help the worlds. Among the comparators is a former super heroine named the maker A.K.A. Megan Graves.

ǁ Megan Graves-Megan was more than an average super-heroine , she was one of the best heroes in her universe and the daughter of her world's greatest hero. But when the war started her father was killed in battle. Since then she has been a major fighter in the Arenaverse games and has become her world's best fighter. Now she plans to become the best fighter in the multiverse. Along the way she has formed a team of other top ranked fighters to led to the top. Her only monavation is to use the money from becoming the champ to restore the multiverse. Megan is a very stubborn and driven woman. She does not stop anything once she starts. She never gives up on anything for a cause. Megan's powers include super-strength she gained from her father, but her greatest power is to create solid energy constructs from her excuses life-force.     


    24.   Fate hunters-An action series inspired by Gantz by Hiroya Oku and the movie version of Mark Millar's Wanted by Universal pictures-In this world of superheroes, there exist a secret order of superheroes known as the fate hunters. These heroes monitor the time line for disasters that are caused by super-villains that usually leave a large body count. When the fate hunters spot a disaster in the future, they go through the time line to find all the super-villains that cause it. Once they find them, they go after the villains and stop them. The fate hunters also watch for events that are caused by a hero's death. When a hero is killed the fate hunters have powerful machines that can bring them back to life, the problem however is that the ressercted hero has no future because he or she was destined to die at that point. To forge a new destiny the hero must join the order and stop the villains from achieving their goals, and in doing so, take their future. Currently many heroes have rulnctally joined the fate hunters to gain new futures. Leading them is a veteran member of the order, a former super-heroine Jane Goyathlay.

Ⱥ Jane Goyathlay-Jane was once a world renown super-heroine known as the loud vigilante. But one day she died fighting a super-villain, but was brought back by the order. Like most heroes she was reluctant to work with them, but was grateful for saving her life. But once she had restored her destiny, she decided that she would stay with the order, favoring the secrecy then the popularity that comes with most heroes. Since then she has helped many heroes in regaining their lives. Jane is a strong woman with great resolve and leadership. Jane is very skilled in any combat scenario. She has mastered many fighting styles, but her greatest power is the hidden words. A form of magic that can bring words into physical existence. If she says a word the hidden language it will turn the word into a powerful attack.
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